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A fine collection of gardening books in affiliation with Did you know that fairies are attracted to the same gardens as butterflies and hummingbirds?  Plant a fairy garden and attract a fairy to your garden... these gardening books are a great resource! 



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The Well-Tended Perennial Garden:
Planting & Pruning Techniques

A professional horticulturist provides tips for
maintaining a healthy, happy perennial garden,
including how to prepare the soil, control pests
and diseases, and choose plants, plus directions
for dead-heading, pinching back, and pruning.
An encyclopedia of perennials is also included,
along with a calendar showing when to do what.
Illustrated with line drawings and color photos.
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Attracting Butterflies & Hummingbirds
to Your Backyard

by Sally Roth
From the author of "The Backyard Birdfeeder's Bible"
comes a great primer for bird and garden enthusiasts.
The book includes a field guide to the 16 hummingbird
species in North America and 75 of the most popular
butterfly species, along with Roth's entertaining
and insightful observations of butterfly
and hummingbird behavior.
150 full-color photos. 130 full-color illustrations.
The Family Buttterfly Book:
Projects, Activities and a Field Guide
by Rick Mikula

This guidebook to raising butterflies and
creating a butterfly habitat features instructions
of do-it-yourself projects, easy-to-follow charts,
and color photos of 40 favorite North American
butterflies. Illustrations. A great gardening book for planting a fairy garden.
Nature's Gardens:
Create a Haven for Birds, Butterflies
--And Yourself??
by Better Homes and Gardens

This volume shows homeowners how to
landscape their yards to attract birds and other
wildlife while deterring unwanted garden pests.
The information provided helps gardeners plan
backyard spaces for beauty as well as provide
food and shelter for wildlife visitors. Includes
suggestions on specific plants that appeal to different
types of birds and other wildlife. Color photos.
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Hummingbird Gardens
by Nancy Newfield, et al

Shows how a carefully planned combination of
flowering plants, shrubs, and trees will attract
hummingbirds to your garden. Includes
information on feeders and garden design, as
well as the continent's more than 20 hummingbird species. A wonderful book to use for planting a fairy garden.
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The Hummingbird Garden
by Mathew Tekulsky

Bird and gardening expert Mathew Tekulsky
uncovers the simple steps any gardener can take
to attract and enjoy one of nature's most beautiful
creatures. He introduces the reader to
hummingbird habits and reveals the regions
where they live and migrate.
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