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How to make your own fairy flower birthday or garden party flower plates


Fairy Birthday Party

Fairy Birthday Plate

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How to make a fairy birthday flower plate...

Follow these instructions to make a fairy flower plate to set your birthday table.  Also great to fill with cookies or candy to deliver to a friend or neighbor.

Flowers come in many colors... choose your favorite color of paper and make the fairy look like you or the friend you're sending the card to!

What you need...
  • 10-1/2" light green paper plate
  • 9" pink or lavender paper plate
  • pencil and scissors
  • glue stick or craft glue


  Step One

1. Fold a sheet of blue, pink or purple cardstock in half and line up the card petal pattern template along the folded edge and cut.

Repeat the process with a matching sheet of vellum and put the vellum card inside the paper card.

Line up the two card layers and make two center slits through the folded edge on the marks shown.


2. Place the fairy pattern on the skin-toned paper and trace the pattern with a pencil. Cut the fairy out and use fine-tipped markers to give her small dots for eyes and nose and a little smile. (Color her wings if you'd like.)

Use the crafts glue to glue small petals over her body to make a dress and then attach a small piece of the leave over the ends of the petals around her neck. Glue a small amount of doll hair to the top of her head. Glue her hand folded down over the small flower stem.

(Don't get carried away decorating this fairy, she needs to be lightweight so she will fit inside the card).

Step Two

  Step Three

3. Open the card and slide your finger behind the card to push the paper strip between the slits into the inside of the card.

Glue the back of the fairy's knee to the front of the popped-out paper tab.  (On the purple dot)

Open and close the card to test that the fairy fits properly and make adjustments before the glue dries!



Enjoy your fairy party!!


There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
It's not so very, very far away;
You pass the gardener's shed and you just keep straight ahead -
I do so hope they've really come to stay.
There's a little wood, with moss in it and beetles,
And a little stream that quietly runs through;
You wouldn't think they'd dare to come merry-making there -
Well, they do.

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
They often have a dance on summer nights;
The butterflies and bees make a lovely little breeze,
And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights.
Did you know that they could sit upon the moonbeams
And pick a little star to make a far,
And dance away up there in the middle of the air?
Well, they can.

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
You cannot think how beautiful they are;
They all stand up and sing when the Fairy Queen and King
Come gently floating down upon their car.
The King is very proud and very handsome;
The Queen - now can you guess who that could be
(She's a little girl all day, but at night she steals away)?
Well - it's ME!

by Rose Fyleman

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