Fairy Wings & Things
Fairy wings and things  is a collection of fun t-shirts and other stuff by Gardenfairy and her fairy friends that are sure to delight any fairy lover! We believe in fairies.


  fairy stickers





The fairies of Gardenfairy decided it would be fun to make t-shirts with fairy wings on the back so that little people (and big people) could wear their fairy wings every day (and children can wear them as fairy wings night shirts)...


One thing lead to another, and before long the fairies were making "I believe in fairies" buttons, book bags, and bumper stickers.


The fairies didn't stop there... soon  they made magical little fairy gifts (birthday fairy stickers and fairy buttons) for childrens birthday parties!  Who knows what the fairies will make next?  This little fairy shop seems to change and grow daily! 

Click on this link ---v
fairy wings
to see what the fairies have done!
Here are a just a few examples of what you'll find at
Gardenfairy's Fairy Wings and Things Shop!

"i believe" cap

"i believe" infant romper

"i believe" t-shirt

"i believe" t-shirt

"i believe" tote bag  

one of many styles! fairy wings t-shirt  


Please note... The photos of the fairy wings shirts do allow for you to view the images larger, but the clarity and detail just doesn't show up very well... so, here are a few links to take a look at the beautiful fairy wings!

Fairy Wings Example 1 and Fairy Wings Example 2


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